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Email Marketing Made Easy: 7 Ways To Get Started

1: What Email Marketing is all About

Email marketing is a direct digital marketing method used to advertise products and services via email. It assists you in getting new customers, increasing sales, and improving brand awareness.

Email marketing has developed quickly in the past few years, and it is still growing as an easy, less expensive and most effective communication technique. Use it to communicate and build relationships with your existing and prospective customers via email.

An email inbox is an important part of communications and notifications because every communication begins from their inbox. People always like to check the email that lands directly in their inbox instead of other folders.

Email is generally comprised of company information, newly launched products, promotional offers, and other information. If Email Marketing is utilized appropriately, email can help create a profitable content marketing campaign. You can also achieve quality inbound leads with an ongoing email marketing campaign with good returns.

Email Marketing is a profitable method to keep your product in the mind of your prospective customers and boost the repetition of visits from your existing customers. To create an email, you do not need to become a technical expert in IT and HTML coding to build a visibly attractive message.

Email Marketing is highly compelling and empowers self-reliant marketing. After creating an email campaign and testing your newsletter template, it takes just a few minutes to create and send the message to your customers. It also allows you to analyze and track your campaign with real-time analytics.

Email advertising assists you in driving traffic to your brand, lowering the cost per lead, saving on communications cost, and enhancing the quality and volume of leads.


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Email Marketing types:

There are numerous kinds of emails. It is crucial to figure out which type of emails are really important for your email marketing strategy.

Confirmation Email:

 Confirmation Email states that you have accepted your audience’s request. This type of email includes sign-up notification, email address verification, subscription updates, and unsubscribed request.

Most customers don’t concern themselves with this email. So, be precise and direct with a short recap of the customer’s info that you need to confirm.

Informational Email:

The prime objective of an Information Email is to instruct your list and subscribed to users about the topics in which they are interested. You can send alerts, announcements, press releases, articles, newsletters and information about your products.

These types of emails are a great way to exchange information that assists you in improving your brand awareness, revenue, conversions, and other objectives. You can lineup emails on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

Lifecycle Email:

Lifecycle Email is related to your sales funnel, this email assists you in driving your list a step closer to purchase. It helps you in the retention of customers, reactivation of subscribers; and allows business growth and conversion.

You can segment your list according to Opt-in, Cart abandons, Welcome mail, Birthday and Winning back email to gain the attention of lost users.

Transactional Email:

 Transactional emails are created to acknowledge when users complete an action such as a purchase, refund request, shipping questions, order confirmations, password retrieval, receipts, etc. There are the most common kinds of transactional communications.

It is really important to acknowledge your customers and that their actions and transactions are treated appropriately.

Promotional Email:

Promotional emails are generally used to advertise your products and services to persuade customers to make them invest in your brand.

Promotional emails assist you in revealing a new product or an individual offer, getting sign-ups for an event and setting up the offer that is related to your customer’s preference. Specifically designed newsletters improve your customer’s trust.

How to get started with Email Marketing

Email Marketing helps you create appropriate content so you can circulate precise information to the right customer at the correct time. Email assists in developing relationships that are based on quality and trust.

The ROI (return on investment) of email marketing is high. Emails are directly delivered to customers’ inbox. You can motivate customers to visit your site to collect their email addresses, which assists you in keeping your brand fresh in their mind and boosts the chance for sales.

Before you start Email Marketing, you need to know the following things to get great results in the long run.

Define your audience:

 There are so many people who are curious about the products you are offering. These types of users can become your customers and newsletter subscribers. You also need to learn about their purchasing behaviors, spending power, employment status, etc.

Define your goals:

 If you’re sure about your audience, now you can define objectives as to why you want to use Email Marketing for your advertising campaign. You need to research what they want from you and what you can provide them via email.

Your objective can be acquiring more customers, boost your sales, improve your brand awareness and drive more traffic to your brand.

Define your strategy:

 According to the audience and objectives, establish a strategy. You can advertise your featured products with a discount offer to improve sales or email them about business events and new launches to make your audience aware of your products and services.

Test your strategy:

 Analyze that the strategies you are using are working for you and optimize your Email Marketing campaign. You can customize your content, email layout, subject line, and sending frequency to become a stand out as your campaigns continue.

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Latest trends of Email Marketing:

Promoting your business with email marketing helps you get visitors into your sales funnel by mailing them promotions, updates, and informational emails.

Featured content is the basis of every marketing campaign.

Email marketing also allows you to retarget your existing customers and inspire them to write a review about your brand on social media sites.

Like other internet marketing technologies, Email marketing faces variations in trends year over year. These innovations are compelled by customers and advertising approaches that are presently popular.

Quality over Quantity: Businesses need to be careful about quality, and design great content for your prospective customers to promote your brand via email. Propose a free giveaway or some valuable offer in your email to get more leads and sales. Stop sending too many emails in a week, because it can bother your audience. Just send it once or twice a week to get good results.

Images versus Text: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but customers tend to click on emails that have more text than images. Most customers turn off images because they connect these types of graphics with spam websites. So, text emails are more trustworthy.

If you are utilizing graphics in your promotional email campaign, keep them to a minimum. It is more valuable to have your customer’s attention to the written content.

Go Mobile With Your Email Marketing:

 To achieve the desired outcome, you need to make sure that your email marketing campaigns are adjusted for all types of mobiles and tablets. You can create your emails as responsive emails. Responsive emails identify the device that the browser is utilizing and switches the layout to the appropriate style.



2: Why should you use Email Marketing for your business?

Amazing Benefits

1.       Low Cost

Cost-effectiveness is one of the most evident benefits. Email marketing can be done at a lower cost as compared to prevailing marketing tactics.

Email Marketing permits you to decrease the expense of evaluation, architecture, implementation, and published newsletters. You don’t have to recover postal costs, calling costs, printing and advertising costs.

To run a successful email marketing campaign, you only require a good service provider and an exclusive email marketing platform that is experienced in the formulation of equitable copy with appropriate graphics and the exhibition of the right offers in front of your prospective customer’s list.

Email marketing is the best marketing channel for getting a higher return with less spending.

2.  Easy to track


Most online marketing and promotional methods are strenuous to evaluate. But with Email marketing, you can determine your prospective list analytics such as Bounced, unsent, opened, newly subscribed, and unsubscribed, etc.

These analytics assist you with estimating the real-time results of your click-through rate, conversion rate, sales, return on investment and favorable and contradictory feedback to improve your email marketing campaign, etc. Email marketing also helps find out where you are doing things wrong.

Email marketing is an expeditious and straightforward process used to target your existing and budding customers directly into their inbox. If you do it right, your email can also go viral, and it is so easy to forward your email to others if your users find it useful for them.

3. ROI 

Results are important if you are in business. Most marketers and businesses utilize email marketing campaigns because they know that it will generate an enormous amount of revenue.

With email marketing, it can reduce costs by 6-12 times when advertising your product and services to existing customers instead of targeting a new customer. You can drive traffic to your website with minimal cost.

Email marketing allows you to analyze every single click. You can quantify how effective your advertising campaign is. It delivers you exact statistics for your traffic, conversion rate and sales to determine the revenue you are achieving.



4. Reduced Time & Effort

Direct B2B and B2C marketing campaigns take too much time. Email marketing is a prime tactic and the best online marketing method to save time and effort.

You can reach all of your customers’ inboxes within a few minutes when you hit the send button.

Email marketing also reduces time and delivery costs. It takes less time to create an email marketing campaign and eliminates the cost of drafting, publication, and dispensation.

Marketers and businesses can also use email templates to reduce efforts, and you can communicate with a huge list within a particular category in very little time.

5. Segment Users

Most marketers spend money to drive prospective customers toward their website. Segmentation works remarkably for those businesses or marketers who are focusing on acquiring their customers’ data.

With email marketing, you can divide your email list according to location, interests, and demographics. Many businesses utilize this strategy to enhance their engagement rate.

If you own segmented user lists, you can create a powerful email marketing campaign to target your prospective lists (who are more likely to convert) with defined email copy. Targeted promotional mail increases sales, conversion rate and revenue for your business.

6. Personalized Messages

With the traditional marketing campaign, it’s strenuous to communicate precisely to your prospective customers in a personalized manner. But, Email Marketing offers you numerous compelling opportunities.

With personalized emails, Email Marketing assists you in strengthening one-to-one relations with your existing and prospective customers. You can mail a customized email with your customers’ names. Many email service providers also recommend providing information in an individualized manner.

Segmented lists allow you to create and convey extremely customized information. Appealing and well-composed emails exhibit your persona, which boosts customers’ belief and fidelity. And people buy from the brands they trust.


7. Increases Brand Awareness

Email is an easy and affordable method for developing enduring relationships. You can mail newsletters, offers, event requests, and new product and service alerts.

Because people are more likely to purchase from the brands they know and trust, use email marketing to place your brand in front of your prospective list of customers repeatedly. Their mind will remember your brand name frequently, which improves your brand awareness.

With deliberate preparation, elegant delineation and intended content you can persistently bring value to your brand, help you remain in the mind of the customer and increase the chances of getting more paying customers.

8. Driving More Sales Conversions

 Email marketing campaigns are a straightforward technique to boost your sales because you can put together specific offers, vouchers, and include product links in your email. Precisely devised and well-timed email campaigns boost traffic and are more likely to convert leads into sales.

Here are some email types that help drive more sales than others:


  • Promotional email: A significant deal allures Promotional emails are not restrained to things like “20% off”, and “10% on preorder”, etc. You can also offer something valuable such as a giveaway, product trial, or free shipping offer with purchase, etc., in your promotional emails.
  • New arrival email: When you launch a new product or service, create an email to promote a product with a purchase link and why your customers should have

You can use a variety of emails to target your list according to interest to boost sales, conversion, and revenue.

9. Targeted

Email Marketing answers all the intrinsic issues of unfocused marketing. Email marketing allows you to fragment your list according to demographic, geography, income, and interest.

Now that you have a filtered list of customers, you need to create separately intended emails for each list to make sure that your customers are getting the right content as per their requirements. You can also personalize your mail content for every customer to cultivate a higher conversion rate.

Email marketing also permits you to remarket to your existing and non-converting customers with a more targeted email copy. Satisfy your customers’ needs to enhance brand awareness and turn leads into sales.

10. Nurture relationships

You must turn your prospective leads into buying customers in your sales funnel. Once a customer buys something from you, don’t let them go. Take advantage of email marketing to foster your relationship by sending them a thank you mail, related products, and upgrades.

To build loyalty, provide your customers with some exciting offers and gifts on their birthday and anniversary with a promotional message. You can send them a welcome mail, thank you mail, newsletter, or testimonial to nurture your business relations with customers.

Track complete analytics of your Email Marketing campaigns such as open rate, subscription, un-subscription, conversion rate, bounce rate, and spam. Optimize the results and create more engaging emails by using user-friendly terms.

Shocking Facts

  • Over 70% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by promotional e- (Source)
  • Companies using email to nurture leads generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower And nurtured leads, on average, produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities compared to non-nurtured leads. (Source)
  • The top 3 most effective emails are mobile opt-ins (76%), birthday emails (75%), & transactional emails (74%). (Source)
  • The two biggest factors influencing open rates are the organization the email is from (64%) and the subject line (47%). (Source)
  • Saturday has the highest click-through rate at 9%; Sunday is second at just under 9%. (Source)
  • Small business owners estimate that getting an extra hour in their day back from doing their own email marketing (and other activities) is worth $273/hour. (Source)
  • 95% of those who opt into email messages from brands find these messages somewhat or very (Source)
  • 76% of e-mail opens occur in the first two days after an e-mail is (Source)
  • 6 AM has the highest click-through rate of any (Source)
  • Email conversion rates are three times higher than social media, with a 17% higher value in the (Source)



3: The Top 10 Email Marketing Automation Tools.

Email marketing assists you in your business growth if done correctly. Here we will discuss some Email Marketing Automation Tools. You can opt for the right automation tool that will fulfill your email marketing campaign requirements.

  1. MailChimp

 MailChimp is the best email marketing autoresponder tool for beginners and experienced marketers to manage your leads.

MailChimp offers a lot of ample plans such as free and priced plans according to your budget.

If you are a newbie and want to “test the autoresponder” before moving into a paid plan, MailChimp provides immense communication between you and the audience. You can send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers without any cost and paid services, to begin with, $10/month which means you can send 6 emails to a particular lead.

MailChimp enables you to design newsletters with a customized view, set up a subscriber list, segment list, RSS to email, and track advanced analytics such as revenue, open rate, and bounce rate with determining modernization to improve sales and succeed in the long run.

  1. AWeber

 AWeber is an autoresponder tool that allows you to design and send impressive emails. This automation tool is very trustworthy and popular. If you’re looking for the best email delivery and stability in your business, Aweber is for you.

This email marketing tool facilitates your business with autoresponder follow up, newsletters, subscriber segmentation, drag, and drop editor, sign up form with styles, app integration, HTML email template and much more.

Aweber saves you time with smooth integration. It also assists you with expert level customer service and easy analytics to optimize your email marketing campaign and boost your sales and conversions.

This tool offers a 30-day free trial, and after that, it charges $19 per month. You can take a trial before going for a paid plan.



4: How to get the most out of Email Marketing.

Setting up a Profitable Email Marketing Campaign is simple. What we are going to show you in this chapter is:

Segmenting your Email List

  • Writing E-mails
  • Building relationships with your list
  • Right Time for mailing
  • Frequency of mailing
  • Track your success
  • Rinse & repeat





5: The 10 do’s you have to apply.

When using an email mail marketing campaign to enhance your sales, just use these email marketing do’s to improve the overall performance of your campaign.

  1. Use automation to follow up leads

 Follow up allows you to set a reminder for the prospect about your product and services which they currently receive. You can save your subscriber data in your database.

Automation emails can include a confirmation mail, cart status to motivate them to complete their purchases, receipts, and promotional emails, etc. These types of follow up emails assist you to shorten the process of purchase.

Within the email, you can include graphics of the product and a direct link to the particular landing page to close a deal. This is the easiest and best way to hook up the prospect with your brand.

2. Clean your email lists

Most marketers usually ignore handling their email list because they take it as a low priority work. But every marketer needs to devote some time to managing their list to increase the open rate.

Create a list of those subscribers who have not clicked on your email within a complete year and drop them a mail to validate their subscription. This method will eradicate non-responsive leads from your list to get a clear overview of your actual clicks and open rate. Remember a clean email list saves both time and money and improves conversions.

3. Offer the option to unsubscribe

 It is necessary to involve an unsubscribe link in your every email. Because if they are unable to find an unsubscribe link, they probably mark your emails as spam which can adversely upset your deliverability.

Ask them why they want to unsubscribe and for what they are looking for. Don’t create a lengthy process to unsubscribe, it can make your customers annoyed and they will never come back.

You can manage subscriptions to maintain relationships with your customers. If your email advertising campaign is focused and relevant, your recipients will not likely unsubscribe.

4. Use Abandoned Shopping Carts to Your Advantage

Segment your audience according to their actions and page views, and list your abandon cart leads for better targeting. You can send personalized emails to customers that left your webpage after adding a product in the cart. This can assist them to recall your brand and they can come back to your website.


6: The 10 don’ts you have to avoid.

Email marketing is an excellent technique to organize an extensive audience for your products and services if your email advertising campaign endeavors are working accordingly. Stay focused on your email marketing campaign and eliminate these “don’ts” to build a perfect marketing strategy.

1.  Don’t Purchase email lists

 Purchasing an email list can be a time-saving approach, but it will surely disturb your brand after some time. It is the one action that you should avoid.

Forcing yourself into people’s inboxes is like encroaching on their space. Instead of disrupting people’s solitude by imposing your brand on them, cultivate your email list instinctively in the correct manner by mailing to opt-in leads only.

The concept of creating a valuable email campaign is to attain a prospective audience. Rented lists can have a chunk of exceptions who will possibly never click on your email. This can harm your domain reputation and it can be expelled by email and internet service providers.

2. Don’t ignore your campaign reports

Taking advantage of Email Marketing, but not analyzing your campaign outcome on a regular basis is a big no-no. Without measuring reports, you will not be able to observe your open rate, bounce rate, new subscriptions, and other analytics.

When you’re not engaged, you can have a decreased open rate and you’ll be worsening the chances of getting clicked regularly for each campaign. You should evaluate every campaign’s outcome to figure out the analytics and optimize accordingly for great results. You can also utilize A/B split testing.

You should experiment with new ideas, calls to action and landing pages, and use your analytics to improve your email marketing campaign.

3. Don’t send the same content over and over

Sending the same content can save you time, but it can harm your reputation. The functionalities of subscriber lists don’t matter if you mail duplicate content. Duplication can diminish the engagement rate and your audience will not respond to your email. Hence, your opening rate will decrease and your unsubscribe rate will increase.

If you copy the content, you could initiate unpleasant user experiences and your audience may mark your email as spam. Internet service providers and email services may penalize and ban your business website and email address.

So, be relevant with every email to keep your subscriber with you. Create fresh, unique and informative content without copying to improve new subscriptions and your open rate.


7: Shocking Email Marketing Case Studies.

  1. Shoe Zone

Shoe Zone is a footwear dealer and wholesaler that has more than 500 stores in the UK (United Kingdom) and Ireland, which deals in shoes at modest prices.

The company wanted to extend and prosper from a digital marketing approach to boost their profits and attain their business objectives with more competitive online retail marketing.

Shoe Zone opted for Pure360 services to cultivate and remodel their biweekly email template with the added features of subject lines and layout. Pure360 also encouraged its social media followers to subscribe to Shoe Zone’s newsletter.

Shoe Zone accomplished an ROI of 1000% with increasing sales of 100% year over year. There was a boost in CTR of 15%, website traffic straight from the emails improved by 150% year over year, the open rate was increased by 2% and hard bounces were diminished by 0.2%.


  1. Sobieski 

Sobieski Services Inc. is a part of The Sobieski Group that offers mechanical construction, commercial services, residential services, single

and multifamily divisions and plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, alarm and security services.

The company’s prime objective was to improve their understanding of digital marketing endeavors as a team. They were using not-segmented emails, nonstrategic SEO and unyielding CMS in their campaign.

Sobieski used HubSpot SEO built-in tools which boosted their website traffic by 55%. Sobieski started generating quality leads with HubSpot landing pages and inbound marketing. The company used integrated systems to learn the audience’s demeanor and used lead intelligence to nurture leads.

Sobieski achieved great results, there was a 33% decrease in PPC spend, paying customers were increased 2 times, and online revenue was boosted by 125%.

  1. Craghoppers

 Craghoppers is a British exterior attire manufacturer and dealer that was established in Bately, West Yorkshire. The travel clothing company delivered two catalogs per year – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. The goal of Craghoppers was to accomplish a positive outcome from cart abandonment.

Craghoppers associated with Redeye’s powerful tagging structure to classify the features 0f products that customers had included in their cart before relinquishing the purchase.

Redeye sent two emails to Craghoppers abandoned customers – one was after 24 hours and the second was three days after abandoning the cart. The agency utilized numerous unique email layouts based on their previous purchases and interest with adaptable content.

Craghoppers obtained a return of investment (ROI) of 711% and recaptured profits from 56% of the existing audience that abandoned a purchase, with an increment of 30% in the email click rate. Of emails sent, 10% brought in sales.



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