Digital Marketing Solution For Beginners

Best Digital Marketing Solution For Beginners
Best Digital Marketing Solution For Beginners

If you’re starting your career with digital marketing or content marketing, you probably know that Facebook is making over forty(40) billion a year through ads. That’s why I am going to share with you ways you’ll be able to begin your career in digital marketing.

I’m curious about the result and guidelines you will learn,
it ought to assist you out if you’re simply beginning your career or even if you’re already into digital marketing.
So here’s the primary factor I would like you to try and do.

Start Your Website (Digital Marketing First Step).


It’s a primary step you need to start first, by creating a WordPress blog, or any form of a website, I like WordPress.  If it’s e-commerce related, start a Shopify website. The best way to learn marketing is to start your website.


Start research.

Take all the competitors you’ve got, if you do not know what they’re, you already created that web site, and it should be a website that you are passionate about, the industry that you are in.
If you do not know any competitors, take those keywords, whatever industry you’re in, like Fitness, marketing, and Google from there, you will find URLs. Pop them into a tool called UberSuggest. This will show you where your competition is obtaining per region.
It’ll also show you the highest pages that your competition
is getting all his traffic from, and it shows you all related keywords
that are driving traffic to your competition.

Now that you’ve seen this, the next factor you need to do is click on the highest pages report. The top pages report will show you all the highest pages for all your competitors, how many visits have gotten to each of these pages, how many social shares do they have, how many backlinks do they have? By now, you’ve got all the data you need.
Go inspect those high pages, figure out which key terms
are driving the traffic, have high volume, high cost per click, and a low search difficulty, as a result of these are the ones that are the simplest to go after first and have the most valuable traffic.

Go inspect those pages, then write a better version of that page. Do not just create something similar, Have better pictures, better videos, whatever it should be, go above and beyond.

Use custom graphics, pay people on Fiverr if necessary so you may pop them into your blog posts, that way you could have yourself, your content, your articles stand out from the competition.

When you have done that, then the next step for you is to promote your content. so you would like to take all the people that connected to your competitors, you have seen that from UberSuggest, it shows you a laundry list of all the people that connected to your competitors.
What you want to do is reach out to all those people and be like, hey Daniel, I noticed you connected
to Mr. B’s article, I have a similar one that just came out, but mine covered one 2 and 3 that theirs did not, cheers.

Sending that simple email to hundreds of people, you will notice that some of those people start linking back to you, which will boost your search traffic, and you are also going to get referral traffic & Referral traffic is huge.

The other beautiful part about UberSuggest is, it shows you all the popular articles of your competitors based on social shares. So why not travel to the Twitter search bar, type in that URL of your competitor, and it will show you all the people who share that content on Twitter. Hit them all up, ask them.

Hey, Daniel, I noticed you shared Mr. B’s article from author PC, I even have a similar one that just came out which covers one, 2 and 3. If you like it, feel free and share it, cheers.

PS, let me know if I can do something for you.
Sending those simple articles and emails out will get a lot of social shares.

You did that with links, you’re now doing that with emails, you’re going to get a lot of traffic, as you get a lot of traffic, you will start obtaining results.

The next thing I would like you to do is start collecting emails.
It’s not just about getting people to your website, it’s about building a brand. you can’t build a brand without collecting emails. you’ll be able to use free tools like Hello Bar, limits sliders, pop-ups, I do that on,
it’s a great way to collect a lot of email addresses, so then once you get people to come back to your website.
With that, you’ll start building a brand.

The next step is to install a free tool known as Subscribers.
Subscribers individuals purchase your website with only 1 click, which means you’ll be able to simply keep obtaining them back to your website through the browser notifications, it’s wonderful results, especially once you mix that with email.

Start Selling

The final thing I would like you to try and do is to begin marketing one thing, whether it is a physical product, a service, it does not matter, you’ll be able to do lead generation, you’ll be able to sell merchandise through affiliate selling, simply ensure you are selling one thing because once you learn to sell, you are learning the complete suite of promoting. it is not almost about driving traffic, you wish to convert those guests into customers. Once you have done that, you will jump-begin your career into digital selling.


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