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Affiliate Marketing Strategy For Beginners

Affiliate marketing has usually been one of the most popular methods of making money. If you are just getting started, there’s no easier or faster method of generating income.

The primary appeal comes from the fact that the only task the affiliate has to perform is to promote whatever product or service they believe has substantial sales potential, who owns the goods and services does the rest.

Theoretically, you don’t even need a niche site to be able to generate income as an affiliate. You can simply promote your assigned affiliate link and send potential buyers to the owner’s sales page then get your commission.

Those who find themselves known as “super” affiliates, make significant amounts of money selling other people’s products. That’s because they market and promote them just as they might their own products.

How To Choose The Right Products

When you consider all the products and programs that are capable of generating an affiliate income, it can be mighty difficult choosing which ones have the most potential.

In most instances, you won’t know for certain until you actually start promoting any given product. But there are factors that can help diminish the risk of choosing products that have little or no potential.

1. First and foremost, you need to establish whether or not there’s even a viable demand for a product. Aside from determining if people want the product, you have to find out what type of people would be interested and if you can easily reach that target audience.

2. How good is the product sales page? If it doesn’t look as though it can convert visitors into buyers, you have to decide how much work it will take on your part to override that particular drawback. Then you need to decide if it’s worth the extra effort you’ll invest.

Overall, you have to decide whether the website will help or hinder your ability to make sales. Go with your instincts. If you don’t feel comfortable with the look, the sales copy, or the order process, chances are the average viewer won’t either.

3. Can you make enough profit by promoting the product? Some owners reward their affiliates by giving them generous commissions while others merely offer a very small percentage. For the most part, those differences are associated with two very specific categories… digital and physical products.

For example, you can usually make at least 50% commission selling ebooks and software products. With physical items such as vitamins, print books, and pet products, an affiliate commission can be relatively low (on average, somewhere between 5% and 10%).

4. The quality of the product is extremely important. If you yourself don’t feel confident about how good it is or how well it performs, it’s going to be difficult for you to launch a successful promotional campaign, much less maintain it over an extended period of time.

5. You need to have the ability to track and monitor everything related to your affiliate activities. That would include things like the number of visitors you send to each sales page, how many of them actually made a purchase, and running sales and refund statistics.


Which affiliate program is the best

There are three basic methods for locating good affiliate programs…

1. Conduct searches based on a particular niche market.

2. Sign up to use the services of an affiliate marketing network.

3. Search through the categories of affiliate program directories.

The first option will require a considerable amount of time, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Assuming, of course, you’ve completed all the necessary preliminary work which would guarantee a positive outcome.

That would include things like determining your exact target audience, choosing specific and highly relevant keywords, and establishing what criteria would constitute a fair and equitable affiliate program.

Although these affiliate networks might not always be as capable of giving you exact matches to what you’re looking for, they can be incredible time savers.

Affiliate marketing websites like Commission Junction and Click Bank make it extremely easy to locate good affiliate programs. And generally, for products and services that are appropriate for the market.

Be aware, however, that only Commission Junction offers all ranges of products, services, and programs – both digital and tangible.

ClickBank, on the other hand, only handles digital products such as ebooks and software programs. If it can’t be downloaded or delivered electronically, you won’t find it in the ClickBank Marketplace.

Here are several popular affiliate directories…


Associate Programs

Affiliate Match

Affiliates Directory

Affiliate Programs Directory

If you want more resources, carry out a search using the word “affiliate program”

Outselling Other Affiliates

Having to compete with hundreds or even thousands of other affiliates can make the task of generating income extremely difficult. And the only way to combat all that competition is to come up with methods and techniques that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Here are several ways you can do that…

1. Use Your Own Website

In the event that you don’t have a site already, get one. If you have a website but it doesn’t lend itself to promoting other people’s products and services, put a site together that does.

Although you can promote affiliate products without a website, there are distinct advantages to having a home base.

The most important advantage is the fact that you can pre-sell the products. Rather than send cold prospects to the owner’s sales page, you’ll have them warmed up and ready to make the purchase.

2. Write Personal Reviews And Recommendations

There’s a reason TV commercials that have celebrities promoting products are so popular. If so-and-so drinks that soda or wears those jeans or drives that car, they must be worth buying.

Having someone personally, endorse a product is the number one sales booster. And even though you might not be a celebrity, your personal recommendation will go a long way in convincing buyers how good your affiliate product is.

Review the product in a positive light. Use information from the owner’s sales page or list benefits that you yourself have thought of. Give the prospective buyers a solid reason to click over to the product website.

3. Operate A Niche Blog

There’s no better method for promoting products than a blog. Naturally, you can do the same thing in a newsletter, but that only gets read by those individuals who are already on your mailing list.

With a blog, you can reach an unlimited number of people who would be interested in the type of products you’re promoting.

You could also give tips and advice with regard to using any of the products. Or you could provide ideas about how the product can best be used. You could ask readers to offer their own opinions and suggestions even.

You should use blog software or you can merely subscribe to one of the free online blog services. The most popular one is WordPress & Blogger.

4. Write Articles

There’s no better way to get personal acknowledgment than writing and distributing your own articles.  And once you establish acknowledgment, all of your product endorsements will be taken even more seriously.

When it comes to choosing topics for your articles, always pick something that is directly related to at least one of the products you’re promoting. That way you can suggest the product then include your affiliate link there within the article.

Once you’ve written articles, you need to submit them to as many online directories as you can. And always let people know that your articles are free to re-publish as long as no changes are made and the resource box is included.

Here are three of the most popular article directories…

Article City 

Ezine Articles

Article Feeder 

5. Offer A Special Bonus

This is by far the best method for outselling other affiliates. Basically, you enhance the owner’s original product package by throwing in yet another product (or products) at no extra cost.

Of course, the more valuable and unique the bonus, the higher the possibility of making more sales than the next guy. It needs to be directly related to the main product.

Although you could certainly offer a tangible item, the least troublesome bonus would be something digital. That way, you don’t have to worry about physically delivering it to the buyer.

6. Give Away Free Tips And Information

Rather than dismiss all those viewers who check out your offer but don’t purchase right away, you should offer them free tips and information. Naturally, this content will be related to the product you are promoting directly.

You are able to place that content on your website nevertheless, you also have to provide methods where the viewer will have the info on their own computer.

7. Capture Names And Email Addresses

One of the major drawbacks of being an affiliate is the fact that you don’t generally have an opportunity to gain the names and email addresses of people who purchase through your affiliate link.

Plus, you’re going to attract plenty of targeted individuals who just aren’t ready to purchase during their first exposure to your offer.

Do whatever it takes to encourage prospects to sign up for your mailing list. If you create an autoresponder course (and use a qualified autoresponder service), you’ll automatically receive names and email addresses. But what about any free downloads such as ebooks or reports that you’re giving away?

Instead, have them complete and submit a form first. That way, they get the free information, you get their name and email address.

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